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In The Washington Metropolitan Area...

Sophisticated Laboratory Screening For Cardiac Risk,
Cardiac Lipid Evaluation & Genetic Testing...

We are committed to exceptional personalized care.
We even offer same day appointments!

Welcome To The Hausner Cardiology Center Chevy Chase

Integrative | Personalized | Preventive

The Hausner Cardiology Center will provide you with the highest quality cardiac care that you have come to expect from me. Using sophisticated diagnostic capabilities and state of the art equipment, the Center will continue to utilize a personalized approach that emphasizes integrative medicine and prevention of cardiac diseases with additional emphasis on heart disease in women.As always, in my practice, prioritizing your well-being will be my main aim. I will continue my tradition of practicing patient centered medicine by listening to you, conducting a thorough medical evaluation, using the best medical consultants when indicated and arriving at a tailored treatment plan that considers your individual health goals.

We provide Intensive Imaging using Multiple Advanced Technologies

    • EKG
    • Ultrasound
      • Echocardiography / Stress Echo
      • Carotid Duplex
      • Abdominal Aorta
      • Venus, Arteriol Leg Evaluation, ABI Index
    • MRI
    • CT
    • Calcium Score Analysis

We offer Special Advanced Laboratory Screening (Cardiac Lipid Evaluation, Genetic Testing)

  • We facilitate access to Top-rated Johns Hopkins Suburban Hospital, Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital, George Washington Hospital Center, Washington Hospital Center and Georgetown University Hospital.
  • Exceptional Convenience Features
  • 24×7 Medical Care for an entire year

It gives me tremendous satisfaction and enjoyment to help you to stay healthy or regain your health. The Hausner Cardiology Center is looking forward to welcoming you in the years to come.

We accept Medicare, and other major medical insurance plans

Dr. Hausner is fluent in English, German, Czech, Slovak & Russian.

Staff is fluent in Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, Spanish, Burmese & Chinese.

We are committed to exceptional personalized care. We even offer same day appointments!
Additionally , we provide our patients 24×7 access to speak directly to a cardiologist.